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my Assassin Maid Major Characters by OtakuShi324 my Assassin Maid Major Characters by OtakuShi324
So, I planned on making the character on my TagLish Story 'My Assassin Maid'. These are just Major Characters made with RinmaruGames.


Jeanette Westwood
-She's the 7-year-old younger sister of Zackire. They had a maid named 'Scarlet Empress'. Jeanette picked Scarlet as their maid due to the fact that she looks exactly like Tory, Zackire's crush ever since. Later on, she found something different about their maid and decided to make her teach her things she knows and be really close to Scarlet. She's like her younger sister. 

Mae Jerome Sanchez
- The known to be cousin of Zackire. She was formerly Tori's bestfriend but they still keep in touch. Mae is famous in their school since elementary up to high school, freshman. When she knew about Zackire and Tori having mutual understanding to each other, she then started shipping them. She's very supported to the two. 

Niel Crawford 
- He's a former classmate of Mae, Zackire, Tori and Thyrone. After elementary, he moved to a seminar school where priests and nuns-wanna-be are schooling. Tori and Niel formerly had a relationship. But it ended in a short while yet he never stopped loving her. He considers Zackire a love rival knowing that he has a crush on her too. 

Thyrone Eclaire
- He consider himself as awesome. He's very confident and acts weird to everyone everywhere. He's sporty and smart. Fromerly in a dance club like Tori. A lot of people know him less and doesn't understand him except for Tori. He consider her as best friend and an assistant. He was the first one to find suspicious about 'Scarlet' resembling to Tori. Then, he's the very first one to found out about the real secret of Scarlet.

Tori Jane de Valliere (Scarlet Empress)
- She's the mystery in it. Tori wen't missing one day together with some other kids being kidnapped by strange creatures (wolves, vampires. etc.) Zackire believed that she's still alive only not knowing where she is. Tori was a great true friend to everyone. As for what Thyrone says, she is loyal and always helps a friend. The boys in their class most likely to describe her as a tomboy girl.

Victorrio de Valliere
- He is the elder brother of Tori/Scarlet. Victorrio found Tori being help captive by the vampires and werewolves. He saved her. But since their family was in grief trouble enough, he deiced to make Tori and him assassins in order to not go back again. When Tori woke up with a loss of memory, he didn't tell her anything about her past or their family, even her real name. He only wanted to protect her.

Zackire Westwood
- He's the main character of the story. Zackire is seen missing someone named 'Tori'. She is his crush forever. He never gave up on her. Then, their parents were forced to have him a maid due to the fact that there were weird creatures appearing. Zackire found the mysteries about their maid 'Scarlet' together with his friends.

Scarlet Empress
- She's the maid of the Westwood household. Scarlet is a secret assassin of justice. She doesn't kill for fun but for peace. When her brother entered her to the school where her master was schooling, everyone notice her as a resemblance to Tori de Valliere. When she was young, as told by her brother, she had a lost half of her memories. She didn't bother remembering them because she wanted a new life. When she gained her memories, that's when she found out about her true self.

Count Phynx
- He's the main antagonist of the story. He's the leader and strongest assassin of all assassins. The real him was a vampire and he wanted to get Scarlet's heart before the time comes. So, her tried to be all kind and opposite of his personality. He wanted to get Scarlet's heart because it's full of hatred and rage. He was treated by Scarlet as a father she ever had, reason why he's also protective of her when she brought her masters to the assassin clan. 

Heh, that's all! Oh and obviously, TORI and SCARLET are the SAME! xD Obviously :3 

(c) RinmaruGames 
YueSato Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
It's gonna be an epic story, that's for sure!
OtakuShi324 Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2014  Student Digital Artist
well, I haven't yet posted in on wattpad that's for sure! xD

I think so... depends
YueSato Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
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